A round of layoffs has supposedly made its way through Obsidian, the studio responsible for RPG titles like Fallout: New Vegas. Joystiq received word from a source that indicated Obsidian terminated several employees working on projects both known and unannounced.

In regards to which projects/development areas were affected, Joystiq received a note from an anonymous tipster. That person first set out what the layoffs did to Obsidian.

"Another project canceled, this time for a future next-gen project and the layoffs impacted that team, plus the existing South Park team…"

This next and final bit of the tipster's message to Joystiq is particularly depressing. First, the writer made a nod towards the total number of employees dismissed, then they went on to note the sad stuff.

"Approximately 20-30 people from all disciplines, including one person who started yesterday, as well as one who started last week."

Can you imagine how that felt? Landing an awesome job in the gaming industry, and then losing it a week or a single day later!

While we'd never suggest that people losing their jobs is okay, it's worth noting that 20-30 people from across an entire company over several projects probably isn't that bad. While a future title may have been cancelled, it appears that projects like the untitled South Park RPG are moving forward. Joystiq noted that the company also performed layoffs around the same time last year.

Best of luck to those affected, should they happen upon this story.

[via Joystiq]