Nest, famous for redefining the home thermostat, is reportedly going to introduce a smoke detector later this year. According to folks familiar with the company's plans, Nest will attempt to once again shake up the home / tech market with a product that doesn't merely scream at you when it detects smoke or fire. Unsurprisingly, the new device, which doesn't yet have a name or price, will play nice with the company's popular thermostat.

When the smoke detector launches, it'll apparently come with an array of features compared to your standard fare. In addition to communicating with its own thermostat, the Nest smoke detector might also include a subscription monitoring service that would alert you if smoke or fire is detected, and the very simple ability to shut the detector up by waving your hand in front of it. Further, Nest's mysterious new project will also be able to detect carbon monoxide, according to people close to the company's plans.

With only one product to speak of, Nest has expertly penetrated the market with a very useful device, so we imagine its next venture will be just as solid and easy to use. As the report notes, opening up a subscription model could keep a consistent revenue stream coming in for Nest, and also create ongoing relationship between company and customer.

The smoke detector idea has reportedly been on the table for quite some time alongside a potential door lock, but it sounds like the project might be in the post-production stages. Earlier this month, Matt Rogers, co-founder of Nest, hinted that something was coming soon, and would involve "all that other unloved plastic crap in your home."

With such solid mindshare established with current Nest users, the company's smoke detector will surely get plenty of attention. But can lightning strike twice? Smoke detectors might not be the next frontier of home technology, but they're one of those things we definitely take for granted, and anytime the home becomes even more connected is exciting. It'll be fun to see how this one pans out.