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It looks like Sony is set to apply several rounds of big system updates to the PlayStation 4.

In a brand new blog post from Scott McCarthy, Software Product Marketing Manager at SCEA, the company outlined a few of the key additions and tweaks soon to be applied. One of the biggest ones for those among us who like to record gameplay is the addition of an HDCP off function.

…this update will add an HDCP off option for capturing gameplay via HDMI, a feature we've previously said would come after launch. We recognize that some gamers want to record and share longer clips of their gameplay sessions, and we're excited to deliver this option with PS4.

That means we won't be using awkward splitters and a heap of extra cable to record lengthy videos for you folks.

Sony's also set to add a video editor to the console for clips captured with the system's Share features.

The other big tweaks will come in a separate update. That one will be focused on game streaming through Twitch and Ustream. McCarthy hit two key points here as well.

As part of a separate system software update in the future, we have been working with our partners at Twitch and Ustream, and will also be adding the ability for Twitch broadcasts to be archived – another highly requested feature among PS4 fans who are taking advantage of the SHARE button features. These broadcasts will be also provided with a higher resolution of 720p, so PS4 fans can enjoy live broadcasts with clearer images.

An HDCP off feature, better quality streams and the ability to archive broadcasts are all huge tweaks and additions that we're really happy to see bound for the PlayStation 4.

What do you think of these promised updates? Is Sony taking steps in the right direction?