zune-hdMicrosoft’s infamous Zune may have been relegated to gadget purgatory, but its spirit is set to live on, a new report suggest. According to The Verge, Nokia and Microsoft are reportedly preparing a mid-range Windows Phone 8 device that’s set to sport a “Zune-like design” in combination with Nokia’s wonderful unibody wizardry.

Unfortunately, we won’t be getting a peek at the device during Wednesday’s Nokia/Microsoft pageant. Instead, the Nokia “Zeal” will allegedly be unveiled at a later date with an early 2013 debut in mind.

If you’ve been eager to restoke your Zune love, the Zeal may be the device for you. Sources said the 4.3-inch WP8 handset will be equipped with a 1GHz dual-core processor, 512MB of RAM, 8GB of storage and microSD slot. Not the bleeding edge tech of what’s slate to hit before the year is up, but something that’ll surely attract a few of the Zune faithful, however little there may be.

[via TheVerge]