More pieces are being added to the new MacBook Pro puzzle, with the latest rumor suggesting Apple's upcoming computer will hit with NVIDIA graphics. The story is being backed by a source who spoke with The Verge, meaning Apple will move away from the AMD GPUs in the current models. The report has also been confirmed by ABC News' Joanna Stern, who said the new MacBook pro models will feature a Retina Display.

The exact identity of the NVIDIA chip hasn't been unveiled, but a report from 9to5 Mac uncovered references to the GeForce GT 650M, which is built on the "Kepler" architecture. An updated MacBook Pro has been a popular topic over the last several months, with rumors pointing to an all-around thinner, lighter version of the design we know right now. The latest rumor was from this morning, which claimed the new MBP will come with two Thunderbolt ports and USB 3.0.

Apple's WWDC is only a few weeks away, so we should know the full scoop pretty soon. If the rumors ring true, Apple fans are definitely in store for a pretty big treat.

[via The Verge]