Mario Sports Mix (February 7th)
Nintendo Wii

Featuring four sports with Mario-styled twists, Mario Sports Mix allows players to compete against one another in a variety of games by employing the use of the Wii’s motion controls alongside Mushroom Kingdom power-ups. Developed by Square Enix, up to four players can compete in the local versus mode in basketball, volleyball, hockey, and dodgeball. Gamers get to choose from a slew of the traditional Mario characters as well as their Miis, some of which have special advantages over their opponents. The title also allows for two-players to compete over the Internet.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 (February 8th)
Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC

Have you ever wanted to be an extremely rich exotic car enthusiast on a tropical island? Then Test Drive Unlimited 2 is the game for you, allowing players to traverse thousands of miles of asphalt and completely customize their in-game avatars. The game is a hybrid of massively-multiplayer online games and the traditional racing game, giving players the opportunity to compete against their friends in a friendly, competitive environment.  You can read more about this game in our Test Drive Unlimited 2 preview.

Body and Brain Connection (February 8th)
Xbox 360

Can Kinect challenge your mind? From the developers behind the brain training games we have come to know and love, Body and Brain Connection forces players to think on their feet, testing all to think quickly and act faster as they compete in unique activities pertaining to logic, reflex, memory, and math, employing the use of the Kinect sensor to create an immersive and challenging environment.