Killzone 3 (February 22)
PlayStation 3

Well-known for immersing players in a realistic, gritty war taking place on a foreign planet between humans and their distant comrades, the Killzone franchise is set to redefine the first-person shooter with Killzone 3. Following the same character as its predecessor, the campaign features overarching themes of fascism and violence as well as fast-paced vehicle portions that break up hectic gunfights. Though it might be able to stand with only its multiplayer, Killzone 3’s multiplayer is one of the best in the industry, even offering a mode that literally puts players inside of cutscenes, giving an innovative narrative to the anonymous, detached online shooter experience.

For more information on Killzone 3, check out our preview of the game.

Bulletstorm (February 22)
PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Get ready to “Kill with Skill” in Bulletstorm, featuring oversized guns and frantic combat, is hitting market this week, satirizing modern first-person shooters. The game tells the tale of an elite band of mercenaries called Dead Echo, where the members are tasked with getting of an abandoned planet on the outskirts of the galaxy while exacting revenge on the men who brought them there. The game features a skillshot system that rewards players for creative kills, allowing them to upgrade their characters and unlock new weapons.

TrackMania (February 22)
Nintendo Wii

Utilizing your plastic wheel peripheral, TrackMania reintroduces racing to the Nintendo Wii, offering incredible speed and exhilarating loops, ramps, boosts, and blocks. Developed by Firebird and Nadeo, the game features over two hundred tracks as well as a track editor that allows users to create an infinite number of personal tracks that can be played locally by four players or online using the Nintendo WiFi connection.

de Blob 2 (February 22)
Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

Building on the irresistible charm and bubbly art direction of its predecessor, de Blob 2 brings forth an approachable game for families and hardcore gamers alike. The story is simple enough – an evil faction called the Inkies, led by Comrade Black, has sucked all of the color out of Prisma City, and Blob and his buddies have to paint the city to free civilians from its greyscale oppressiveness. Featuring color puzzles and a creative style, the game is set to make you feel like you ate a whole bunch of skittles.

What game are you going to pick up?