Google’s Chrome browser is a drag on Mac. Not only does it chug battery life, but it’s annoyingly slow, often to the point where tabs don’t even load. Thankfully, Google has already confirmed changes are coming, and it sounds like the newest version being tested might finally solve those nasty memory issues Chrome users have been experiencing for so long.

According to The Next Web’s Owen Williams, who seems to have a love/hate relationship with Chrome (who doesn’t?), Chrome 46 makes huge performance improvements, with memory consumption seemingly halved.

Memory consumption seems to have halved, groggy slow tabs are snappier than ever and my battery life isn’t shamefully bad anymore—also, my laptop’s fans aren’t constantly blowing.

Williams says a number of factors might be contributing to Chrome’s improvements, including optimized graphics performance, eliminating memory leaks, and tab discarding, which puts unused tabs to sleep when memory runs low.

Whatever the technical details, users just need to know that it looks like Chrome will no longer drag a Mac’s performance down, and finally be on a par with Apple’s own Safari. If you want to take Chrome 46 for a spin before it’s widely available, you can check it out through Google’s Chrome Canary program.