Videos that autoplay are among the bigger Internet annoyances, especially if you open a tab in the background with the intent of getting to it later. Seeing this as a universal frustration, Google is taking matters into its own hands. In a recent Chrome dev build, Google’s browser introduced a feature designed to prevent media from autoplaying until you bring that tab into the foreground. You hear that? That’s the sweet sound of silence.

Chrome is already capable of indicating which tab is making noise. But this newest feature is designed to silence videos that begin to play on their own.

The update was detailed on Google+ by Francois Beaufort.

Google Chrome will now defer playback of autoplay media until the tab is foregrounded in the latest Dev Channel. This means no more “Where’s that sound coming from?” moments when an ad for instance decides to autoplay in the tab you’ve specifically opened in the background.

Resources will still be preloaded if indicated by Chrome will delay the start of playback until you actually visit the tab.

Beaufort says that the feature will not only make for a more enjoyable browsing experience, but it will also conserve power. Combine that power saving feature with Chrome’s improved performance on Mac, and you have some pretty significant updates coming to Chrome users.