Looks like there are a lot of hidden secrets in the gaming world that are just now coming to light many, many years later. Yesterday, we covered a story about a secret hidden in Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!. Today, it’s a secret found in the Neo Geo.

Someone on the Neo-Geo forums said he or she recently bought a Dev board with a few included flash cards. After digging through one of the spare SRAM cards, the the user found that there was “a test menu I had never come across before.” Take a look at how the story unfolds:

Once that came up, I was pretty excited and realized that this may actually be something more than I had previously thought. I still wasnt able to see what the game was. I started looking at the C rom files again and thought I’d try putting them in different slots. The card labeled “No. 3” really looked like it contained the C1 data. So I put “No. 3” in slot 1, and “No. 4” in slot 2.

Game booted. I think I sat there staring at the screen in complete shock as to what I was seeing. Woke my wife up, she said “cool” and went back to sleep. It was pretty late when I got it working. I spent the next few hours playing it and I didnt sleep at all that night. Or the next night.

The game features three different classes and 12 characters but appears to be incomplete:

“And depending on what class you pick your character’s speed, stance, special moves, and special bar change. Even the character’s win screen sprite changes depending on the class. Two characters have animal companions who can be used in attacks. The bosses are not selectable, but I managed to get their win poses a few times and (kind of) pulled out their sprites while I was messing with the C roms. I’m sure someone will be able to get good rips of them, that’s just beyond my knowledge.

The artists spent a lot of time on character and level design. I am sure someone from the team is still out there and can claim credit for their fantastic work. It is so sad to think these artists (and programmers) worked so hard on this for it to be lost.”

Anyone have any information?

Update: Looks like there is some additional information. Turns out the game isn’t that old (nor is the Neo Geo) – Thanks to Martin Goldberg over on Twitter, we learned that the game was on display at the Midwest Gaming Classic over the weekend and that it was originally in development in the late 90s. Still old and seemingly unknown, just not exactly “30 years old” as we originally reported.