Creating in VR right now has to be kind of weird. While creating most art and entertainment, you can view your creation as the viewer would. Movie directors have a small screen they can watch proceedings on. Painters just, you know, look at their painting. If you’re creating VR, though, you’re creating in 2D and playing in 3D – at least until now.

Epic, the company behind the super-popular Unreal Engine (and also some games sometimes), is updating Unreal Engine 4 so that it can better accommodate the quickly expanding new medium.

As shown below, the Unreal Engine’s editor can be used from within VR – here on an HTC Vive headset – to do real-time creation. The Unreal Engine creation menu can even be used like a tablet and, like some kind of magic trick, 2D items can be pulled out of it and turned into 3D. It’s the same thing you’d be doing in standard creation but the whole interface here makes it look that much more fantastic.

Epic will have more to say about this at GDC in March, but it could be a big boon to developers both big and small as we start to explore virtual reality. For now, you can watch this guy create VR in VR. If you have a headset already, you could watch him create VR in VR in VR.