Snapchat's decision to clamp down on third-party clients means Windows Phone users no longer have access to the popular photo sharing service. 6snap and other unofficial alternatives designed for Microsoft's mobile platform are now being removed from the Windows Phone Store.

Removing third-party Snapchat clients on Android and iOS wouldn't be too much of an issue for Snapchat users, because those platforms are officially supported. However, there is still no Snapchat app for Windows Phone, so users have been forced to rely on third-party alternatives to snap their friends.

Now Snapchat is making it impossible for them to do that.

"6snap has disappeared as well as all snapchat apps on store," tweeted 6snap developer Rudy Huyn over the weekend. "I will work closely with Microsoft now to convince snapchat to change its mind."

Snapchat began clamping down on third-party clients back in November after the SnapSave app was hacked and thousands of user photos were posted online. The company has been emailing developers for weeks to warn them that it would be taking action against unofficial apps.

Snapchat has also been notifying the users of those apps to say that their accounts would be locked if they didn't stop using them. As it turns out, these weren't just idle threats.

It's a somewhat strange move from Snapchat — particularly when it comes to Windows Phone apps, given that an official client isn't available. The service now loses a whole bunch of users that simply do not have access anymore, and there's no promise of an official Windows Phone app anytime soon.

Perhaps that will change later on, but as things stand, it doesn't look like you'll be snapping pics of your Christmas turkey unless you have an Android or iOS device.