Android iMessage Chat

Apple's free inter-device messaging service, iMessage, is one of the most popular features in its ecosystem, but an unofficial Android app replicating the service is raising fears that it could compromise iMessage's security.

Created by third-party developer Daniel Zweigart, the app apparently works very well, almost perfectly replicating iMessage on iOS right down to the emoji. However, a number of software developers are voicing concerns that the new service is storing Apple IDs, passwords and even entire conversations.

Cydia creater Jay Freeman notes on Google+ that all messages sent and recieved through the service could be stored on a server located in China. Developer Steven Troughton-Smith goes a step further, warning that the Android iMessage app could quietly download and install malware on your smartphone. As tempting as it might be to iMessage your friends from an Android device, we wouldn't go anywhere near this unofficial app, and we recommend you do the same.