Motorola on Tuesday dropped the price of the Moto X (2014) during a one-day sale for the smartphone. You’ll be able to grab the device with 32GB of storage for just $349.99, without any sort of contract. That’s an amazing deal for a great phone, though one that is slowly feeling a bit more outdated in the face of flagships like the new Galaxy S6 and LG G4—especially in the camera department.

The price is killer, though, and you can still customize the smartphone to your choosing, though some of the more premium options like the leather back panel will still set you back more. Motorola is also selling a model with 64GB of storage for $374.99, which is the option I’d choose since I like having the added space, and it seems well worth the additional $25. The deal will run on from 11 a.m. CT on Tuesday through 11 a.m. CT on Wednesday, so you have a full 24 hours to pick one up.

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