The software update for Samsung’s Galaxy S8 that includes Android 8.0 Oreo started rolling out earlier this year, but only recently did it begin hitting U.S. models. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Note 8 has been totally left out. There is, however, some very good news for owners of the unlocked Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 who’ve been waiting patiently for Oreo to arrive.

It was revealed by a moderator on Samsung’s community site that the unlocked models should get the software update in 2-3 weeks.

Because the unlocked models are capable of working on any network in the U.S. and most international ones as well, the company goes through stricter testing than it does for carrier-specific models. Each carrier just handles compatibility on their own network, so Samsung needs to put a lot more attention on the unlocked models for widespread compatibility.

While that’s understandable, there’s no valid reason as to why owners of unlocked or carrier-specific models have had to wait so long for the latest version of Android. Google released Oreo more than six months ago already, but Samsung still hasn’t been able to get it on both 2017 flagships.

If you’re wondering what’s included with Oreo on these devices, check out this rundown of the software update that Samsung posted a few weeks ago.