Nintendo and Universal Studios Japan have teamed up to reveal the first part of the Super Nintendo World park expansion that is planned to open in 2020. A grand stage was erect with Piranha Plants, Mario showed up for a few giggles, and everyone had a great time daydreaming about journeying to the Mushroom Kingdom.

And then Nintendo released this joyous little trailer to set your inner child aflutter.

Mario himself totally comes to greet you when you enter his park, I am so sold! Of course, you’ll probably have to wait upwards to six hours to actually get into the park and any of its attractions, but I’ve got a Nintendo 3DS to keep me company.

Kids? No, why would I need to bring my kids? This is MY experience!

Photos from the reveal of a new ride also found their way onto Twitter. Check them out in the posts below.

Universal Studio Japan’s Nintendo Park will open in 2020, just in time for the Tokyo Summer Olympics.