Universal Orlando is rolling out an awesome new virtual reality attraction just in time for Halloween. “The Repository” is an interactive horror experience that has you travel into the netherworld using VR to fight off a supernatural enemy.

The Repository lasts for 30 minutes, but only 10 minutes actually takes place in VR. The rest involves exploring a physical warehouse packed full of supernatural objects and interacting with real-life characters to solve a mystery and gain access to a spectral void. At that point, you’ll put on a special VR headset to explore a ghostly dimension.

“Once you enter the Dark Portal, you come in contact with the dark entities — creatures that live in the paranormal,” T.J Mannarino, Universal Orlando’s senior director of entertainment, art and design told Digital Trends. “This experience is something that we could not do in the real world.”

To pull that last part off, Universal Orlando will break each team of four people into pairs and lead them to massive 18-foot by 18-foot stages. They’ll be able to walk around to explore the netherworld and interact with the rest of the team virtually. The entire experience is designed to keep you on the stage naturally, but there’s also a physical barrier and employees in the room just in case.

Universal Orland teamed up with Universal Creative and VRstudios to develop The Repository. The attraction opens on September 29 and runs through October 31 on select nights. It costs $50 on top of the regular Halloween Horror Nights entry fee, which can range from $67 to $105.