United 747-400

United Airlines announced in March its intentions to deliver in-flight streaming movies and TV shows direct to mobile devices. That method helps save the airline on hardware deployment costs and fuel costs that are associated with the additional weight of in-seat entertainment systems. On Thursday, United updated its iOS app to officially support the service.

The new United app provides free access to 150 movies and roughly 200 TV shows while you're flying the skies. The service is available on United's Airbus A319, A320 and Boeing 747-400 flights and is on "select" 777-200 airlines. United says all of its flights will soon have "some form" of entertainment, which is a welcome change from how it currently operates. Here's a look at the ful feature set:

o United's new personal device entertainment service will be available on select aircraft.
o United app version 2.0.13 adds the required software to browse and watch select movies and TV shows on your mobile device when connected to the "United_Wi-Fi" network. o To see if your flight offers personal device entertainment, go to the Inflight Amenities tab on the united.com Flight Status & Information page, or check the Amenities section of the Flight Status Details screen in the United app within 24 hours of your flight departure. (Amenities are subject to change until the time of departure.)

The airline noted that all of the flights with its personal device entertainment service should have power outlets, but we suggest charging up ahead of time. The service works on laptops and iOS devices now, as we mentioned, and United said it's working on Android development and should deploy the app later this year.

Hit the source below for the latest United app.