There's nothing worse than finding out your kid never made the flight to Paris and is stuck home in Chicago. It's snowing outside. Some guy is offering you a ride in his van with his polka band, the Kenosha Kickers. You're working with flight service representatives, who are often busy assisting hundreds of other customers, armed with one or two computers running software from 1980. No longer. United Airlines has a solution, Mrs. McCallister.

The airline announced that it's going to begin deploying the iPhone 6 Plus to customer service representatives at United Hubs to help "meet customers' needs more quickly."

That should mean that you're not going to be  stuck waiting in line while two gate agents peck away trying to find a solution for you and everyone else on the flight, as always seems to be the case. The iPhone 6 Plus-outfitted assistance agents can help print boarding passes, find new flight options, check-in to flights and more. Basically, the iPhone 6 Plus units will have "much of the same functionality as traditional airport kiosks," United explained.

The iPhone 6 Plus phones will start to be deployed next year, United explained, without providing an exact date. They'll be deployed in United hub locations where the most United flights are flying in and out. And you, my friend, won't have to worry about finding a flight home to dear Kevin.