The folks at Ubisoft have started a promotional campaign to get everyone in the community to work together and unlock the world premiere gameplay trailer of Assassin's Creed III. 

If you want to contribute to unlocking this content, head on over to their Facebook page to like it and get started. Once liked, all you have to do is recruit friends, share the link on your Facebook Wall, and Tweet out something about the game using the hash tag "#AC3."

The guy in this video was on his way to share the content, then he took an arrow to the knee. (Sigh)

As far as this promotion goes… is it a gimmick? Yes. But it's a good way for Ubisoft to get their community involved and spread the word about Assassin's Creed III at the same time.

All of these actions will add up together and unlock the gameplay trailer once the total shares reached 1,776,000. There's a progress meter on the Facebook page showing us how far along this promotion is. As of now, it's pretty low. If you want to see this footage, you'd better get your sharing on!

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