Undertale is a titan of a tiny game. It showed up all over Game of the Year lists for 2015, including our own, and it has a big base of rabid fans.

These fans? They want to see the game on consoles. Specifically, they think its almost EarthBound-esque design would be a perfect fit for the Wii U. Toby Fox, the game’s creator, has indicated that he’s heard the requests. He’s also given it some consideration. A recent string of tweets, though, suggest he’s more serious about it now than ever before.

Fox explains that he built the game in Game Maker. Game Maker, unfortunately, can’t simply export to Nintendo platforms. So, “the game would have to be reprogrammed from scratch.” Fox totally admits to the fact that he’s worried about accuracy and bugs, and he even points out that he doesn’t actually know how to program.

Then he fired off this bit.


Someone needs to do the porting work.

Chasing Aurora developer and self-proclaimed Wii U porting power house Broken Rules offered their help. This has not been acknowledged publicly by Fox, but here’s the tweet.

This is not an announcement, obviously. This is a developer in need of porting work, and a porting studio offering their help. The potential for a Wii U port is totally there, but it’s nothing more than a potential possibility.

Still, I know I’d dig Undertale on the Wii U. Could be fun.