The one and only Undertale, indie cult-classic and one of my very favorite games from the past decade, is finally coming to the Nintendo Switch this September.

Developer Toby Fox confirmed the release window on his official Twitter account and also promoted a physical Collector's Edition that can be pre-ordered through FanGamer for $69.

The game will also be available digitally for those who don't need such physical extravagances.

Undertale is, of course, the game that made the internet go to war with itself upon release. Fans called it the greatest game ever, haters called it indie trash. A few fights broke out, some got a little obsessive and other drew some digital blood…

…all this over a fun little RPG about loving your friends. It you block out the noise this game caused and enjoy for it's own merits, the world of Undertale is a safe place fans often retreat to, visiting their old friends in the brilliant cast of characters, soaking in the beautiful music, and uncovering more of the necessary Easter eggs, tidbits, and branching paths that flesh out its brilliant underlying design.

And it has the best Final Fantasy VI reference of all time.

If replay value is a scientific, calculable figure for you with New Game+ and other things to see after the first playthrough, then this game's score is off the chart. If replay value is simply how much you love to go back to an old favorite, then again… this game is off the charts.