Happy Friday everyone! What better way to send you all off into Irene weekend than to equip you with some iPhone 5 rumors! Hopefully this news will rock you like a hurricane. Anywho, there have been images leaked by Macpost regarding two primary items: a possible iPhone 4S body and a possible iPhone 5 prototype back cover. Here’s a shot of what is allegedly being referred to as the iPhone N94 (iPhone 5) back cover prototype:

Macpost has described the following image as an “iPhone 5 EVT prototype (N94) back cover.” If that’s the case, then there are two primary traits we should be prepared for. First, a rectangular design that is nearly identical to the iPhone 4, and secondly the fact that it might ship in white. To me, this looks more like an iPhone 4S, should Apple release one alongside the highly anticipated iPhone 5. In my opinion, there’s no way Apple would design the iPhone 5 to be physically identical to the iPhone 4, unless they are not planning on releasing an iPhone 5 at all. At this stage in the game, anything is possible.

Now let’s take a gander at diagrams B and C:



The first image of the purported iPhone 4S frame looks … like an iPhone 4 frame. However, it’s the base unit of the phone’s skeleton, as pictured in the final image, that suggests an optical track pad in place of a tangible Home button. In fact, the last image is the only compelling evidence thus far, but I’m still not convinced. The alleged iPhone 4S base unit looks like it’s missing its entire internals, which are pictured in the iPhone 4 image. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that one cannot draw a satisfying conclusion from the collective conjecture that has transpired around these images.

My advice? Just sit tight until Apple announces the darn phones.

[via MacPost]