All kinds of drama surrounding Uncharted 4, Metacritic, and a sole negative review over at The Washing Post. Veteran critic Michael Thomsen did not like the latest from Naughty Dog and wrote a review explaining exactly why he did not like the game. Fair enough, right? I mean, that’s what we’re paid to do.

Unfortunately for Thomsen, his negative review is the only negative review over at aggregate site Metacritic, and it makes him stand out as a target for frothing and insecure Internet rage. The Washington Post assigned a 4 to their score when submitting it to Metacritic despite not having a number on the review itself.

Fans of the Uncharted series have set up a petition at demanding that Metacritic remove the single negative score because Thomsen failed to “Treat the game with professionalism and respect.”

I believe U4 is one of the greatest games ever created and it is my personal favorite for sure , although i can justify some reviewers giving it a 9 or an 8. But this is a utter disgrace. Gene , because you were the only respectable staff that responded to this nonsense , you should remove this review fro the metacritic , and post a new , sensible one that can justify its existence. You’re Washington post for Christ’s Sake , not a 12-year-old’s diary.

I’m finding the utmost delightful irony in that last little quip. Or, this one too.

It harms the Flawless reputation of the game for absolutely no reason. A review is not about what you think a game is , its about what a game is. Objective measures are applied.

In other words, reviews exist to reaffirm my own and the general audience’s beliefs, and any that go against those beliefs are not objective. Reviewers opinions don’t matter in what is supposed to be an opinion piece on a game.

We, and most likely every other gaming critic out there, have been on the receiving end of this exploding trend of abusive gamers who disagree with us, but because it’s become so routine, it’s hard to even bat an eyelash at their harsh words.

Normally, such petitions would go unnoticed and not even gather enough attention to be laughed at anymore. However, voice actor Troy Baker, who played Nathan Drake’s brother Sam in Uncharted 4, signed the petition and promoted it on his Twitter page, sending it into the thousands of signatures. He has since apologized for this.

Oh dear, what a right mess. The guy made a mistake and at least stood tall to address the issue, so good for Troy Baker. However, gamers, there are so many issues in the world and even the gaming space to get worked up about. A single bad review on a game you support is bound to happen, and when it does, that’s when you shrug and simply agree to disagree.

Not throw a temper tantrum and write up a petition with the ranting logic of “a 12-year-old’s diary.”

For what it’s worth, here’s our review of Uncharted 4.