Tom Holland’s Uncharted film is back on track thanks to Dan Trachtenberg, a director best known for his work on 10 Cloverfield Lane. Trachtenberg replaces Shawn Levy, who recently departed due to scheduling conflicts.

Based on the video game series developed by Naughty Dog, Uncharted features the adventures of treasure hunter Nathan Drake. His adventures spanned four games, before the character was unofficially retired by the studio.

Sony has been trying to make a movie based on the video game for the past five years, but for one reason or another hasn’t been able to get the film made. Things were looking up when Holland was cast to play the role of a younger Nathan Drake, but the project has since been on hold.

For those who haven’t played the series of video games, we do get glimpses at a younger Nathan Drake throughout the narrative, but he’s primarily portrayed at an adventurer verging on middle-age. Holland doesn’t exactly strike as someone who is Drake-esque, but he has endless charisma, which is a major draw.

Apparently, Sony is hoping the film will go into production at the end of the year, which could potentially mean we’ll see a release at the end of 2020 or in early 2021. That’s assuming that neither Trachtenberg or Holland leaves the project between now and then.