Uncharted 4 is set to get a survival mode. It’s horde mode, basically, with Naughty Dog’s own unique twist on the multiplayer formula that was made standard with Gears of War.

The developer, Naughty Dog’s Vinit Argarwai, even refers to this as a horde mode in the video.

Naughty Dog does Uncharted 4‘s take on horde mode with their own special flare, of course. There’s stuff like collecting treasures, battling bosses and hunting specific enemies.

Are you still playing Uncharted 4‘s multiplayer?

I have to say, Uncharted 4‘s multiplayer really didn’t hold my attention for long after the game released earlier this year. A cooperative mode that feels like horde, though? That could actually get me back into the online folds with Nathan Drake and his cronies.

In fact, I have a few friends who would be awesome to shoot stuff with in Uncharted.

Will this pull you back in? Uncharted 4‘s Survival hits this month.