People talk about the death of the traditional single-player narrative, but it still has some life in it if you ask the team at Naughty Dog. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End seems to support that claim, because it’s selling like crazy.

Sony reports that worldwide sales of Uncharted 4 have surpassed 2.7 million copies. That, Sony says, is a “sold-through” number, meaning it represents the number of copies people have purchased through digital and physical means, not the number of copies the company has boxed up and sent off to various retailers. Because physical copy sales aren’t always reliable or immediate, it seems likely that the number is going to be even higher.

Sony says that, in North America, Uncharted 4 is the fastest selling first-party PlayStation 4 game yet. A console exclusive’s sales can’t compete with a multi-platform mega-title like Call of Duty, but these sales are worth crowing about, as they continue Naughty Dog’s string of success and keep them atop Sony’s first party developer list.

Just before the game’s previously-scheduled April 26 release date, Sony made the decision to delay the game once more to “meet the considerable worldwide demand.” Sounds like that was the right decision. You can’t have the fastest selling anything if you don’t have enough copies to send people home with.

If you aren’t one of the 2.7 million people playing it, check out our review to help you make your decision.