Uncharted 4 is almost done. We just have to wait a little longer. No, longer still.

In a post to the PlayStation Blog, SCEA’s CEO and President Shawn Layden announced one more delay. Thankfully, it’s not a big one. Instead of the April 26 release date we’ve had since December, the game will now hit on May 10.

The reasoning behind this, according to Layden, is not that the team needs extra time to polish up the game. The game is still on track to go gold at the same time. Instead, Layden says the company is anticipating enough demand for the game that it wants that extra two weeks to press more copies at the factory.

It’s disappointing to have to wait again, but it’s good to see Sony being transparent about exactly why it’s being delayed. The team is sure to continue working in the meantime to take care of any bugs that pop up in the meantime, especially with the upcoming beta likely to light a few more fires, but that’s not the point of the delay, just a side effect.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will now release on May 10, 2016, for PlayStation 4.