Have you started to think to yourself, Man, Apple’s trackpad, keyboard and mouse are all pretty crummy? Well, lucky for you the Cupertino company just introduced a new update, and although they don’t sound like much on paper, they actually all appear to be worthy upgrades—at least upon initial impression. This isn’t rocket science, and the devices largely look the same, but the new trackpad, which supports Force Touch, feels much nicer than the old one.

Unless you’re dying to upgrade your setup from something from ten years ago, there’s really no good reason to run out and buy Apple’s new gear. However, you will notice a difference if you own Apple’s current lineup of accessories. The trackpad, as I mentioned, is now more rectangular, giving users a wider surface to do work on. And with Force Touch support, users can now click on the trackpad anywhere, which is something the old trackpad didn’t let users do.

The keyboard, meanwhile, has changed in a big way, too. The top row of function keys are now regular size, while the keys have been made a little wider overall by reducing the air gap around them. But while the overall appearance looks similar, Apple has made the keys much more shallow, which you’ll either love or hate. I’ve gotten used to the old Apple keyboard, so I found typing on the new one to be a little strange. Maybe it’s something I’ll get used to in the long run.

Another thing that bugs me is that the new keyboard doesn’t have as steep of an incline, which means you’re basically typing on a flat surface. Again, that might just be personal preference, and I’m sure I’d get used to it after a week or two.

Finally, the mouse is mostly the same, though it’s slightly longer and the bottom has been changed to accommodate new “rails,” allowing for smoother performance. Having fallen in love with the Logitech MX Master, I’m not so sure I’d be happy with switching to Apple’s Magic Mouse 2, especially since the design and function is so much different.

As expected, all of Apple’s new gear comes at a cost. The Magic Trackpad 2, for example, comes in at $129, while the Magic Keyboard is $99; the Magic Mouse 2, meanwhile, is $79, which is $10 more than the older model.

Check out the video above to see these accessories unboxed and in action.