Capcom has sadly announced that its multiplayer focused Resident Evi spin-off, Umbrella Corps, will be delayed into the summer. Those looking forward to the team co-op shooter can expect to finally play it on June 21.

On the brighter side, Capcom’s latest trailer shows off how players will be able to customize their own avatars. Outfits, colors, emblems, and a whole host of options will be available to bring a lot of personalization into the fray.

I’ve gone hands-on with Umbrella Corps, and I found it to be a lot of fun. It incorporates much of what makes Resident Evil so special, and yet manages to churn out a really solid eSports shooter as well. A few nay-saying hardcore fans are brushing it off, but that would be a huge mistake, I believe.

Plus, Unity is going to be proudly advertising what its engine can do with this game. I don’t think I’ve seen it ever put to such fantastic use.

Umbrella Corps launches for the PlayStation 4 and PC on June 21.