Street Fighter IV has already taken the old stereotype of re-releasing the series to whole new heights, but Capcom has officially found a way to take this sucker out of orbit. With Ultra Street Fighter IV, you can not only choose all the re-balanced characters from the older games, but Capcom has opened the gate to allow every build of the characters to be playable.

Five different versions of Street Fighter IV, five different versions of each character. For example, the original Sagat, long thought to be the highest tier character, can now be played against any of his nerfed forms from consequent releases. Granted, some of the characters weren't around for all the versions, but each of their builds will still be available, be it one, two, or three different kinds.

"In all the years that I've been playing through the SF4 series, I can't count how many times discussions on 'who the strongest character has been thus far' have come up among players both old and new," Capcom's Peter Rosas explained on Capcom Unity. "Seeing as how there was no actual way to measure whether vanilla SF4 Sagat was stronger than AE Yun, players would engage in long theoretical discussions with no way to figure out who was right. Well, time to change that in Ultra SF!"

For me? No thank you. I am a creature who strives for limitation, one reason why I struggle so much to focus in a world where everything is at my fingertips or can barely sit through games when I have a shelf of others I also want to try.

I am far too casual of a Street Fighter IV fan to care about any subsequent builds past the first one. I enjoyed partying with the original cast members from Street Fighter II and the few new faces, but once more and more started getting piled on, the game simply became too intimidating and I lost interest. My Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition is getting replaced by the good old first release next time I am back in the States.

How about you, though? This is obviously aimed at the hardcore crowd who can tell the difference between SS4 Ryu and SSS4AEV2012 Ryu.