We are huge sports fans here at TechnoBuffalo. We all have our favorite teams and enjoy gathering with friends to take in a game at home. With the NFL nearing the playoffs, college football entering the bowl season, and NBA basketball well under way, the TechnoBuffalo staff thought up what we would want in the ultimate set up to watch any sports event.

An obscenely large HDTV

In my case I’d like to have LG’s 84-inch Ultra HD 3D Smart TV that our own Todd Hasselton got a chance to scope out this summer in Berlin.  This beastily TV boasts 4 times the pixel count of Full HD set (hence Ultra HD) and sports LG’s Cinema 3D technology, I’m a pretty big fan of both features.  For the full specs check out LG’s product page.  I love this monstrous TV except for its equally sizeable MSRP of $19,000.


A rockin’ TV set needs an equally boomin’ sound system.  The Bose Lifestyle 135 home entertainment system meets those needs.  You can connect up to 6 HD video and music sources up to audio system and even has ports for your iOS devices.  While this setup is relatively small in size, it packs enough power to fill an entire room to mimic the sounds of a deafening stadium crowd.

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TV Feed

I had a professor that would say “garbage in, garbage out” in reference to data equations. That argument can be made for the case of your TV situation. Always check to see that your cable, FIOS or satellite provider carries your favorite teams or you’ll be stuck in a long-term contract without the ability to watch your favorite teams. DirecTV offers their DVR service that allows you to record up to 5 shows at once, AT&T’s U-verse offers wireless receives, some really cool apps to control your receiver, Verizon FIOS from my experience has been fairly reliable.  With a sports package you’re probably going to be spending $100-$200 a month, depending on your operator and what tiered package you plan on getting. It’s typically harder to live without a TV service if you’re a sports fan, but with NBA/MLB/NFL options available through various streaming options, it is worth a shot if you’d rather not sign up with your local cable operator.


La-Z-Boy just has a great name and has a great reputation for well, when you’re feeling lazy.  What’s better fitted for a sports fan than comfort, cup holders and concealed cooler.  NOTHING.  You can choose the upholstery of your liking, I’d opt for the leather or equally easily cleaning materials. The theater seating arrangement is nice and leaves nice roomy armrests for you and your friends.

La-Z-Boy also offers the XZipit Sports logo chairs allows you to display your favorite sports team logo on the headrest of your recliner.  The logos can be zipped in and out with other sports teams as the seasons change or you can go with the simple black when you don’t want to show your allegiance to any team.

I couldn’t get a clear price on either of these set ups, I hope its not too much.  But I’m told “if you have ask, your probably can’t afford it.”

Food & Drinks

I like hot dogs. They’re probably the best sporting event food item next to buffalo wings, I’ve done the research. Hence, the Dog Hut Hotdog Steamer and Merchandiser is one of the greatest item ever.  Check it out, it steams up to 200 hot dogs/sausages and its keeps up to 42 buns warm.  MAGIC! This will set you back about $300, but think of all the fun you have playing “hot dog vendor” in your own living room.

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You’re going to get thirsty, so you’re going to NEED a kegerator. A full-sized kegerator, not one of those mini Kurig ones that only dispense Heinekens. I suggest you go with the Vinotemp VT-FULLKEG Full Keg Beer Dispenser, that comes with the CO2 tank to make sure your beer is not only cool, but also bubbly. This kegerator accepts full size, 1/2-barrel, pony size, 1/4-barrel, 1/6-barrel or 1/8-barrel.  So whatever keg you bring in, you’re set. This goes for just under $1,250.00.

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Second Screen

Sometimes I like to pull up stats while watching a game, I like to pull out my phone or tablet to check out the scores of other games or stats on different players. Here’s a list of our favorite mobile devices you can do that on. You can get your greasy, beer-soaked hands on a decent tablet for $200-$500, just a matter of preference.


Why worry about having to clean up when you’re trying to enjoy the game?  Let Roomba’s iRobot 790 do the job for you.  It’s perfect if you have pets and allergies (I have both).  The 790 has a longer lasting battery, dual HEPA air filters so it will capture the finest dust particles, a wireless command center, and is programmable to run when you need it to (maybe a nice subtle way of telling your guests they should go home?).  The iRobot Roomba 790 is priced at $699.99.

We’re just scratching the surface. What would you like to have in your sports den?  Or better yet, do you have pictures of your lay out?  Upload them in the comments.

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