It's time to compile a list of all the features we can expect to see in iPhone 4.0 software when it goes gold later this year. It may be a long one and we need your help! Here's what we've got so far:

  1. Double-tap home to switch apps.
  2. Long press on an app to quit.
  3. Camera: Tap to show digital zoom bar (5x).
  4. Photos: Sort by places, faces, events, albums.
  5. iPod: Create new playlists.
  6. Displays a character counter in SMS.
  7. Search MMS & SMS.
  8. Threaded mail messages.
  9. Unified mail inbox.
  10. Support for multiple Microsoft Exchange accounts.
  11. Data encryption for apps/email/attachments in enterprise.
  12. Wireless configuration (Enterprise).
  13. Wireless app distribution (Enterprise).
  14. SSL VPN (Enterprise).
  15. Customize wallpaper.
  16. Create a calendar event from text.
  17. Gifting apps in the App Store.
  18. Support for Bluetooth Braille devices.
  19. Display larger text for Alerts, Calendar, Contacts, Mail, Messages and Notes.
  20. Create folders that hold 12 apps.
  21. Live suggestions in Safari's search bar.
  22. Web search directly in Spotlight.
  23. iAds.
  24. Game Center social network.
  25. Resize images in outgoing emails.
  26. Photo rotation in Photos.
  27. Over-the-air syncing for iBooks on iPhone & iPod Touch & iPad.
  28. Open attachments with any compatible app.
  29. File and delete mail from search results.
  30. Support for Bluetooth keyboards.
  31. Support for CalDav event invites.
  32. Universal spell check.
  33. Tap to focus while recording video.
  34. iPod line out.
  35. Access the calendar to create events in-app.
  36. In-app SMS messaging.
  37. Third part apps have access to photo libraries.
  38. Quick look for previewing attachments.
  39. Apps have access to video playback and capture.
  40. Local notifications.
  41. IMAP & MobileMe note syncing.
  42. New Calculator icon.
  43. Automated app testing.
  44. Photo geotagging.
  45. Active GPS shows arrow in menu bar.
  46. Privacy controls for location-aware apps.
  47. Persistent wifi.
  48. Power analysis tools.
  49. Half-curl page transition.
  50. Map overlays.
  51. Nested playlists.
  52. New dock.
  53. Birthdays in Calendar.
  54. Word or number passcode lock.
  55. Wake on wireless.
  56. Cell data only setting.
  57. Recent web searches in Safari search box.
  58. Top hit in Safari search box.
  59. Upload workouts to Nike+.
  60. Edit email from the outbox.

Whew! Apple says they've got over 100 features on the way so this list can't be complete. If you spot anything missing, let us know in the comments and we'll get it updated! If you missed the keynote, check out Jon's recap.