Best Wrist Braces TechnoBuffalo 2022

So, your doctor has recommended you get a wrist brace. Which do you choose? Whether you're healing from injury or wanting to protect your wrist from bumps, these are the five best wrist braces on the market today.


Most supportive: Mueller Green Fitted Wrist Brace

Staff Pick

This earth-friendly brace from Mueller is made from recycled PET bottles and non-petroleum materials. The result is a breathable, lightweight brace that cradles your hand and wrist and relieves the pain of acute injuries and chronic pain. Whether you're dealing with a muscle strain, repetitive use injury, or arthritis, this brace adjusts and conforms to your body to give you snug support. A metal spoon on the bottom side of the wrist holds your hand in alignment. At the same time, the adjustable compression sleeve gives your body a break from pain and inflammation.

£22 at Amazon
Bionix Profressional Support Wrist Brace

Best for Carpal Tunnel: Bionix Professional Support Wrist Splint

If you have a repetitive use injury, arthritis, or tendonitis, you can't go wrong with this wrist brace from Bionix. With customised compression via velcro closures, you can tailor the fit to your lifestyle and activity. Internal metal splints offer exceptional stability when needed and are removable when more flexibility is required. The brace is made from ventilated neoprene to reduce moisture and increase airflow, so it works for anyone who needs medium level support and wrist protection.

£10 at Amazon
Dr.Arthritis Sleep Wrist Brace

Best sleep support brace: Dr.Arthritis Night Wrist Brace

Throbbing pain is most prominent at night while you're trying to get some shut-eye. The Dr.Arthritis brace has a high level of compression and padding to prevent nighttime aches and pains caused by arthritis, carpal tunnel, injury, and inflammation. It slips over the hand like a sleeve and has cushioned beads inside that hug sore joints and muscles. Velcro closures allow you to get the perfect fit so you can get a good night's sleep.

£16 at Amazon

Just for kids: Neo G Wrist Support Brace

Adult-sized wrist braces are too large to provide any real benefits to kids with wrist issues. The Neo G brace for kids is designed to relieve pain and swelling associated with juvenile arthritis, joint swelling, strains, and sprains. It can also be used to support weak wrists during activity. The Neo G fits over the thumb and cinches around the wrist with hook and loop closures. The adjustable brace can give firm or medium-level support during activity or while at rest.

£11 at Amazon

Ultimate stabilization: BraceUP Deluxe

Recovering from a broken bone or wrist surgery post-cast requires firm support. This wrist stabiliser from BraceUP is lined with aluminium splints that provide a level of rigidness that holds the wrist in proper alignment to avoid reinjury. Palm cushioning and adjustable straps up the comfort level. At the same time, breathable materials release heat and moisture so you can wear this all day and all night. The BraceUP is available in two sizes and for both the left and right wrists.

£10 at Amazon

Trust me, I feel your pain

When a fall took me over the business side of a waterfall last year, my doctor insisted I wear a brace post-cast while healing. I tried several styles and brands before finding relief with the Mueller Green Fitted Wrist Brace. The metal spoon on the bottom side of the brace kept my wrist aligned while the adjustable compression did away with lingering pain. The materials are lightweight and breathable enough to make this the best choice for all-day use.

If carpal tunnel, tendonitis, or arthritis are conditions you live with, reach for the Bionix Professional Support Wrist Splint. This wrist brace is built for those who need to work with their wrists, even when chronic conditions make it difficult and delivers medium support all day long.

Two side splints give the ultimate in wrist stabilisation to the BraceUP wrist brace while shielding joints against bumps and bruises. Combined with three hook and loop fasteners, this is the brace you want when recovering from surgery or dealing with excruciating carpal tunnel or arthritis pain.

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