Best Wrapping Paper TechnoBuffalo 2020

There are plenty of occasions that come round when you might need to wrap a gift. There are winter holidays, but also birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers the list goes on and on. These picks will make sure that when you need wrapping paper, you can find the perfect kind for the occasion!

Best Overall: RUSPEPA Gold Print Wrapping Paper

Staff Pick

Gold is a timeless colour for a good reason; it looks good no matter what the reason. Wrapaholic's Gold Print Wrapping Paper is sturdy and suited for any occasion where you need to wrap a gift. Each roll has 25 square feet of paper, and with three rolls in the package, you get 75 feet to wrap up those gifts without stressing. These rolls include the classic design of chevrons, stripes, and dots, which feature a glossy finish.

£20 at Amazon

Rocking Rose: RUSPEPA Rose Gold Floral Gift Wrapping Paper Roll

Wrapping paper that suits a particular person or occasion isn't always easy to find. If you have a baby shower, are wrapping up presents for Mother's day, or have a little girl who loves rose, the RUSPEPA Rose Gold Gift Wrapping Paper Roll is perfect. You get four rolls of paper which all feature rose gold with a different pattern to choose form. You get 25 square feet of paper in each roll for a total of 100 feet.

£26 at Amazon

Birthday Bonanza: Hallmark Reversible Birthday Wrapping Paper

When you buy themed wrapping paper, you may end up with more than you need. This Hallmark Reversible Birthday Wrapping Paper ensures that not only do you have the paper you need, but it can do double duty. This means you can wrap multiple presents without them all looking the same when you do. You get three rolls for one fantastic price, and each one has 40 square feet of paper for a total of 120 feet of wrapping paper.

£20 at Amazon

Tis the Season: Hallmark Christmas Wrapping Paper Bundle with Cut Lines on Reverse

Tis the season for merriment when Christmas rolls around. If you like to have specific holiday-themed wrapping paper, Hallmarks's Christmas Plaid paper is an excellent choice. You get four rolls of paper, each with 30 square feet for a total of 120 square feet. They each have a different plaid pattern to ring in the holiday with and feature gridlines on the opposite end to make cutting a more relaxed affair.

£19 at Amazon

Modern Metallics: Hallmark All Occasion Reversible Wrapping Paper

If you like to be prepared for last-minute events, having non-themed wrapping paper in the house is an excellent idea. Hallmark's All Occasion Reversible Wrapping Paper delivers some outstanding metallic shades that can be used no matter what the present is for. There are three rolls, and each one has two designs featuring a metallic theme. Altogether, you get 120 square feet of paper for a great price.

£22 at Amazon

Wrap it up

Wrapping paper is handy whether you've purchased items for a birthday, wedding, baby shower, or winter holidays. While there are some great options out there, our current favourite is RUSPEPA Gold Print Wrapping Paper . You get three different designs in gold foil for 75 total feet of wrapping paper that can be used for any occasion.

If it's a birthday that you need paper for, then consider taking a look at Hallmark's Reversible Birthday Wrapping Paper. It comes with four reversible themed rolls and delivers 120 square feet. If it's a baby shower or mother's day present, then the RUSPEPA Rose Gold Gift Wrapping Paper Roll might be a better fit with four rose gold rolls with different designs that are sure to please.

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