Best windproof umbrellas TechnoBuffalo 2022

Hard to believe, but most umbrellas can withstand rain but not the wind. That umbrella that protects you from downpours becomes a useless accessory if it collapses in the breeze. These models are impervious to all that Mother Nature throws your way.

Teflon tough: Repel windproof travel umbrella

Staff Favorite

The Repel umbrella opens and closes automatically with one hand and with the press of a button. It's magical! A rubberised grip hand ensures you keep a firm hold, and nine resin-reinforced fibreglass ribs stand up to gale force winds. Add in a Teflon-coated polyester canopy, and you get an umbrella that is immune to wind and rain.

£17 at Amazon

Big and bombproof: G4Free double canopy umbrella

The G4Free comes in 23 subdued but eye-catching colours. You can choose how wide you'd like the already oversized canopy to stretch. With a hardened steel frame and double-canopy design that prevents wind from sneaking in, this big guy can stand up to gusts, hail, sun, and downpours like no other.

£23 at Amazon

Classy and portable: Balios travel umbrella

From its real wood handle to its sleek carrying case, the Balios brolly is all class. Made in Britain, where we know a thing or two about rain and wind, you'll love the 300T polyester, fibreglass ribs, and vented double canopy. The Balios is a gorgeous piece of work that also withstands harsh weather.

£19 at Amazon

Smart and affordable: K-POP reinforced frame umbrella

The smart-looking K-POP has a reinforced frame that is bulletproof in winds of up to 60mph. Aluminium poles and ribs, a canopy that's spacious enough for two people, an automatic open/close button, and a design that folds down small all compliment this beautiful and affordable model.

£14 at Amazon

Hands-free: Jooayou inverted umbrella

The unique U-shaped handle on the Jooayou slides over your wrist for hands-free walking. It's perfect for mozying about with small children! The inverted design folds up inside out, so you never drip water on the floor, and reinforced fibreglass ribs give you the protection you need against harsh winds and rain.

£18 at Amazon

Conquer any weather: Royal Walk stormproof umbrella

There's enough room for two under Royal Walk's windproof brolly. A sturdy aluminium frame complimented by 16 fibreglass ribs holds its own against gale-force winds, rain, and hail. The stylish wooden handle is comfortable to hold and can be used as a walking stick. Brilliant!

£22 at Amazon

Flexible and strong: Junefish windproof umbrella

Backed by ten reinforced fibreglass ribs that flex in powerful gusts, the Junefish brolly is stable in all weather. Just as impressive: the automatic open/close button, slip-proof handle, and Teflon-coated canopy. This tough brolly comes in five bold colours.

£13 at Amazon

Comfortable to hold: Ergonauts windproof vented double canopy

Holding on to your umbrella shouldn't be stressful! The ergonomic handle on Ergonauts umbrella gives you a firm yet comfortable grip. This brolly is Teflon-coated, lightweight by design, and defies wind with nine resin-reinforced fibreglass ribs and a vented double canopy.

£16 at Amazon

Keep it light: Newdora windproof folding umbrella

Newdora offers up this travel-friendly folding umbrella that's also resistant to rain, wind, and hail. With ten reinforced ribs, this brolly stays upright and in place in strong gusts. Also included, a reflective and water-absorbing storage bag. Now that's smart!

£17 at Amazon

Dries quickly: Topelek windproof umbrella

Few things are worse than a soggy umbrella. This brolly from Topelek has a 210T polyester canopy that dries in minutes. You'll also be impressed by the anti-slip handle and nine reinforced ribs that help this brolly endure wind gusts of up to 60mph.

£15 at Amazon

If you want our recommendation

Our absolute favourite windproof umbrella comes from Repel. We can't brag enough about the Teflon-coated polyester! It's not just water-resistant like other umbrellas, but 100 per cent waterproof. The construction is wind-defying, the handle comfortable, and the price tag reasonable.

If you're after a classic model, the Balios is in a class all its own. With the real wood handle, windproof double canopy, and auto open and close, this is a beautifully made umbrella that works as good as it looks.

And if you need an umbrella for the kids, try the Fulton Funbrella. The see-through design helps kids see in the rain while the dome shape prevents winds from tossing the brolly about.

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