Best Whiteboards TechnoBuffalo 2021

Whiteboards are everywhere these days, but not all of them live up to their claims. We've tested the best so you can spend your money wisely. These dry erase boards are our favourites this year.


A portable whiteboard: Maxtek Mobile Whiteboard

Staff Favourite

With a heavy-duty round base on wheels, the Maxtek Mobile Whiteboard checks all the right boxes for us. The entire system is stable and easy to move around and even comes with locking brakes. The board itself is height adjustable and made of a three-layer coating that's smooth to write on and durable over the long haul. Bonus: this whiteboard comes with an eraser, three pens, six magnets, and a lifetime warranty.

£75 at Amazon
Ansio Double Sided Drywipe Magnetic Whiteboard Render

Best budget pick: Ansio A2

Two sides are better than one! The Ansio A2 is a double-sided magnetic whiteboard that gives you twice the space to create. The surface is coated with E-Z-W lacquer, giving it a sleek writing surface that's also easy to clean. This kit comes with colourful magnets, a built-in pen tray, an installation kit, and a magnetic duster that sticks right to the board. The Ansio A3 is an absolute steal at any price.

£20 at Amazon

Great for home or office: VIZ-Pro Magnetic Whiteboard

The magnetic whiteboard from VIZ-PRO is housed in a silver aluminium frame. The surface is glossy and durable and compliments any style dry-erase marker. This whiteboard and included pen tray can be mounted vertically or horizontally to any wall, and it's a good choice for the home or the office. Use it for schedules, grocery lists, or draw up a work presentation.

£25 at Amazon

For big ideas: Bi-Office Maya

The Bi-Office Maya is a slim, non-magnetic whiteboard that measures a whopping 150 x 120cm. The single-sided board is mounted in an aluminium frame and comes with a pen tray that clips on to the frame in a horizontal or vertical position. Inks adhere well and wipe clean. For big ideas, nothing beats this gigantic whiteboard. With this kit, you'll get a whiteboard, pen tray, and wall fixings.

£77 at Amazon

For kids: Brainstorm Toys Magnetic Dry Wipe Board

The lap-friendly magnetic dry whiteboard from Brainstorm Toys is the optimal size for small hands. As an educational aid or creative space to draw, this small whiteboard is priceless. Dry erase markers glide over the surface, adhering well, and inks wipe right off with a cloth. This whiteboard is inside a plastic frame with rubber bumpers, and it absorbs drops and bumps like no other.

£6 at Amazon
Amazon Basics Whiteboard 120 By 90 Cm Render

Perfect for the whole family: AmazonBasics Whiteboard

The no-frills whiteboard from AmazonBasics is a good place for families to keep schedules, grocery lists, reminders, and notes for each other. The surface is smooth and magnetic, and it has a nice feel to it when writing and magnets stick to it easily. Along with the whiteboard, you'll get six magnets, one eraser, and two dry-erase markers.

£35 at Amazon

Bottom line

Whiteboards are a fantastic way to save on the expense and waste of using paper and pen or the mess of a chalkboard. Our staff pick is the Mobile Whiteboard from Maxtek. This model comes with some outstanding features not found in other whiteboards, including an easel design, flipchart hooks, and a base on wheels. If you need a portable, durable whiteboard, this is the one to put in your cart.

When you need a lot of space, the Bi-Office Maya will give you the needed room to create. This big whiteboard mounts horizontally or vertically and includes a pen tray and wall hangers.

For kids, the Magnetic Dry Wipe Board from Bainstorm is a no-brainer. It's the perfect size for tabletops or children's laps, and it comes with rubber bumpers on the edges to protect it against drops.

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