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While shaving off body hair is a quick fix, it puts you at risk of nicks and cuts, and the shaven area is usually pricky by the following day. However, waxing pulls out the entire hair strand giving you flawless skin for an extended period. Whether you want to wax from the comfort of your home or improve your salon waxing kit, we got you covered.

Indeed a Star: WaxStar Professional Electric Wax Warmer

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Whether you a professional or a newbie, you might want to check out this wax warmer by WaxStar, one of the most trusted brands. It has thermostat-controlled heating with a 2-in-1 heating system and a removable heavy-duty pot. The wax warmer holds up to 500ml of molten wax.

£16 at Amazon

A Complete Package: Lansley Wax Warmer

Designed with the needs of both men and women in mind, the Lansley waxing kit comes with a wax warming machine, four packs of different hard wax beans, five wax warmer collars and ten large size wooden spatulas. It's an all-in-one kit with everything you could need, plus some extras.

£21 at Amazon

No Guesswork: Sensis Wax Warmer and Waxing Kit

What stands out about the Sensis wax warmer is that it comes as a complete kit with different formulas targeting various body parts and hair textures. For safety, the warmer comes with automated temperature control and features a heat resistant aluminium and ABS plastic construction.

£24 at Amazon

Salon Grade Quality: Mylee Professional Electric Wax Heater

You will love the Mylee professional electric wax heater if you fancy professional wax treatment. It's designed with a heavy-duty aircraft-grade interior and a sleek composite exterior. It comes with an inbuilt thermostat heat sensor that keeps the wax on a safe temperature during waxing.

£17 at Amazon

Customized Waxing Experience: Satin Smooth Professional Double Wax Warmer

Are you looking for a wax warmer for your salon? Look no further than the Satin Smooth double wax warmer. It features a double warmer, soothing skin prep and aftercare products, and two of the best-selling premium waxes. It has all you need to give clients absolute comfort.

£60 at Amazon

User-friendly Design: Lavany Wax Warmer

This is a perfect wax warmer for professional and at-home waxing. It comes with a digital temperature display and an auto power-off feature that ensures the wax does not heat beyond the set temperature. With a holding capacity of 14oz, the warmer is best suited for most wax out here.

£20 at Amazon

An Absolute Steal: Breett Fast-heating Electric Wax Warmer

Suitable for all types of wax, the Breett wax warmer has a see-through cover which traps heat within the wax, accelerates melting, and prevents dust contamination. The warmer comes with a removable warm pot for easy cleaning and a heat regulation function to avoid overheating the wax and getting severe burns.

£25 at Amazon

Reliable Quality: BFULL Wax Warmer

Get silk skin at home or the spa with the BFULL wax warmer. It can extract even the tiniest hairs from the root within a minute, leaving your skin soft and smooth for up to 3-6 weeks. It comes with 100% FDA approved hard wax beans made of safe, natural, and non-irritating ingredients.

£23 at Amazon

Our top picks

Considering that wax warmers are quite affordable, focusing on their functionality is a better approach when selecting a good one. Settle for one that warms wax quickly and holds it at the right temperature throughout the waxing session. Also, check out if the warmer works with different types of wax for added convenience.

For home and professional waxing, the WaxStar Professional Electric Wax Warmer is such a great option thanks to its easy to use temperature control knobs, a removable lid and inner pot, and it works with most wax formulas. The Sensis Wax Warmer and Waxing Kit works excellent for both men and women and is an all-in-one kit for all your waxing needs.

For safe and relaxing full body waxing, grab the BFULL Wax Warmer since it works for thin & fine or thick & coarse hair variations. As a bonus, the warmer comes with a range of wax beans for a smooth start.

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