Best Ugly Sweaters TechnoBuffalo 2020

Winter is a time to bundle up in warm clothing like your favourite sweater. It's also the perfect time to pull out an atrociously designed sweater that's so ugly it becomes excellent. Whether you want a pun to spring on your relatives, or you're just showing off your favourite dinosaur, we have plenty of options to consider.

Best Overall: Blizzard Bay Ugly Jumper Dinosaur

Staff Pick

Have you ever wanted to rock an epic ugly jumper and show off your love for dinosaurs at the same time? This set of jumpers from Blizzard Bay lets you do just that with ten different designs, each one featuring a different dinosaur engaged in shenanigans. Our favourite is a T-Rex whose arms aren't long enough to reach through the sleeves, but at a great price, you can pick them all up and swap them out all winter long.

£30 at Amazon

Rocking Reindeer: Xact Reindeer Stag Christmas Jumper

The holidays can be stressful, but the right jumper can cut the tension right down the middle. This extra cosy jumper features reindeer frolicking across it with snowflakes to remind folks that winter is here. It's available in three different colour options and is fully machine washable.

£20 at Amazon

Disney all Winter Long: Disney Ugly Jumper

The best part of ugly jumpers are the breadth of available designs, and that includes some of your favourite animated characters. This ugly jumper from Disney features the adorable Stitch, all dressed up for a snow day and ready to enjoy a winter wonderland. However, if Stitch isn't your favourite, there are nine other designs available, including Ariel, Jack Skellington, Mickey Mouse, and even Scrooge McDuck!

From £20 at Amazon

May the Force be With you: Star Wars Luke Vs Darth Ugly Jumper

Star Wars is a theme that's good for year-round nerding out. If you want an excellent ugly jumper to show off your love for this franchise all winter long, the Numskull Star Wars Ugly Jumper is an excellent option. It features a silhouette of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader having a lightsaber battle on the front and has small details throughout the jumper. This option comes in sizes from an XX-Small to XXX-Large, making it an excellent choice for fans of any age!

From £40 at Amazon

Magic is in the Air: Harry Potter Ugly Christmas Jumper Houses

Just because winter is here doesn't mean the world needs to be less magical. This Harry Potter Ugly Jumper from Numskull lets you bring a little bit of the magic of the wizarding world with you no matter where you may roam. It features icons from each house, as well as the Hogwarts crest, spectacles, harry's scar, and even the deathly hallows symbol! It's available in sizes from small to XX-Large so that fans of any size can show their Potter pride!

From £40 at Amazon

Be a Hero: Marvel Ugly Christmas Sweater

Marvel comics have shown the world a large franchise filled with heroes that everyone can get behind. Now you can show off your favourite in an ugly sweater for the season. Our favourite is the purple and black Wakanda Forever Black Panther sweater, but it's far from your only choice. There are six other designs which feature the avengers, or Deadpool. These sweaters also come in a vast range of sizes so you can find the perfect fit!

From £20 at Amazon

Bundle up

When the temperature drops, it can be hard to find clothing that shows off your personality the way you prefer to. Ugly jumpers make that easier and can be tons of fun. Whether you want something holiday-specific or you're just ensuring your geek flag gets to fly, there are tons of options out there. This year our favourite is the Blizzard Bay Dinosaur Ugly Jumper because you can't go wrong with a dinosaur trying to be festive.

If you want something a bit more geek-themed, we suggest taking a peek at Numskull's Harry Potter Ugly Jumper! It features tons of little details and all four of the Hogwarts houses. If you're a bigger comic book fan, then show your Wakanda pride with this excellent Marvel Ugly Jumper with Black Panther front and centre.

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