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Even in milder weather, a floor fan can help the atmosphere in your home by ending its stale air status with a constant circulation of fresh air around your living and sleeping spaces. Tower fans, slimline designs that sit on the floor and oscillate to move the air around, are an excellent option to invest in as they take up very little space, but offer efficient and quiet operation.

Ice white: Pro Breeze 30-inch Tower Fan

Staff Pick

We think our best choice has it all: 70-degree oscillation coverage with three fan speeds and three wind modes — normal, natural, and sleep — all of which can be controlled via the bundled remote. There's also a timer that can be set up to 7.5 hours in 30-minute increments and even a built-in essential oil try, which can be used to circulate lovely smells while the fan is in operation.

£60 at Amazon

Alpine chic: Dimplex Mont Blanc Cooling Fan

This rather stylish option is long and slim measuring in at over 120cm tall. As well as using the small and handy remote control, you can manage the fan's settings through the electronic LED display on the top of the unit. It gives you three-speed settings that will circulate air in a 78-degree oscillation pattern and a one, two, four, or eight-hour timer.

£60 at Amazon

Whisper quiet: Honeywell HY254E QuietSet Tower Fan

Perfect for use in the bedroom, Honeywell's tower fan boasts eight levels of "Whisper Quiet" control, including a sleep setting and a white noise option to help block out distracting sounds. You can use the digital display to set the adjustable thermostat to your preferred temperature, and the fan will work to achieve it, while timer options cover one, two, four, and eight hour periods.

£55 at Amazon

Remote cooltrol: Bionaire BT19 Tower Fan

This option gives you three-speed settings as well as breeze and sleep modes, which cycle through different speeds to try and emulate a natural flow of air. The remote control fits neatly into the back of the fan, while the white LED display will show your settings, including the timer options, which include one, two, four, or eight hour periods with an auto shut off when the timer ends.

£68 at Amazon

Tower power: Ansio 30-inch Tower Fan

This 30-inch fan offers a basic remote control in addition to a fully-featured, control panel on the top of the unit from which you can control the low, medium and fast speed settings, and the different wind modes which include normal, nature and "taper," designed for use at night. If you do use this in the bedroom, you can set the timer to auto shut off in 30-minute increments up to a 7.5 hour period.

£50 at Amazon

Dial it up: Igenix DF0030BL 30-Inch Tower Fan

Budget Option

Finally, we're looking at a more basic option for people on a budget. This fan is more than capable of cooling down a room but doesn't have the remote control or fancy control panel of rival models. It has simple dial functionality that allows you to set the fan going for up to two hour periods and three-speed settings controlled at the push of a button.

£33 at Amazon

Oscillation stations

While these tower floor fans essentially all complete the same objective — cool and move air around a particular area — there is specific functionality that's worth considering when you're deciding which is the best option for you.

For example, would you find a remote control useful? If you're worried about losing the remote, the Bionaire fan comes with a remote control that tucks neatly into the tower unit when not in use.

If you're looking for a real added extra, our overall best choice, the Pro Breeze tower fan offers some special functionality with the ability to diffuse essential oils into the air while the fan operates.

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