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Tape measures may be one of the most underrated tools, yet they are vital in your arsenal when it comes to professional or DIY projects. While you may not necessarily put so much thought into it, finding the best tape measure could significantly improve the accuracy and speed of completing your projects. Besides, it is a small investment, but it will last you several years to come.

Micro Power: Stanley 33-425 Measuring Tape, Original

Staff Pick

The Stanely tape measure is a classic and our all-time favourite for all the right reasons. With a mylar-coated blade, you don't have to deal with chapped calibrations even after repeated use. The tape features heat-resistant springs for a smooth retraction and a belt clip for secure storage.

£25 at Amazon

Super Flexible: LifeTour Tape Measure

Tasks like tailoring, sewing, handcrafting, and body measurements involve a lot of twists and turns. The LifeTour tape measure is more flexible compared to the ones used in construction. It's flexible and bends with ease for accurate body and cloth measurements.

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Double Convenience: Hanmer Rechargable Laser and Tape Measure

No other tape beats the convenience of having a 5M tape and a 40M digital laser incorporated into a unit like the Hanmer rechargeable tape measure. Such a combination allows you to measure both long and short distances with precision, even in the dark.

£30 at Amazon

DIY Like a Pro: Presch Tape Measure 10 Metre

Presch has gone the extra mile by ensuring that you have a reliable tape measure to see you through your DIY projects. The easy to read calibrated matt steel is housed in a case with a rubberised exterior for added ergonomic comfort. Also, you can hook it your belt.

£12 at Amazon

New Standards: eTape16 Digital Tape Measure

The versatility of the e-Tape 16 digital tape measure sets it apart from other regular tapes. It comes with a large easy-to-read screen that accurately displays your measurements in inches and centimetres. Also, the tape has dual memory functions, short term and two longterm memory options.

£35 at Amazon

Cover the Distance: Komelon 6611IM Feet/Inches and Metric Fiber Tape Reel

Large scale measurements require extra long tape measures, and that means using the Komelon 6611IM metric fibre tape reel. The tape is 100'' long and perfect for measuring outdoor projects or fields. It's printed and coated on both sides, making it waterproof and dirt resistant.

£18 at Amazon

Inches and Magnets: Milwaukee 48227225 Premium Magnetic Tape

Designed for durability, the Milwaukee 8 magnetic tape measure has a dual magnetic tip that creates a tight grip on steel studs and different metal elements. It has a 1.83" wide standard blade vividly marked with imperial measurements and protected with a nylon bond layer.

£17 at Amazon

Super Solid: Magnelex Inches and Metric Measuring Tape

Most tape measures are 25-foot long, in case you prefer a smaller and sturdy one, opt for the 10-foot Magnelex. It has both inches and metrics, which makes it easy to use across several projects. The tape measure's highly durable ABS case is coated with rubber making it easy to hold.

£10 at Amazom

Mylar Coated: STANLEY Powerlock 30ft

When it comes to durability, the Stanely Powerlock is an absolute hit. Unlike lacquered blades, the Stanely has a Mylar polyester film that improves it's resistant to abrasion. To reduce the possibility of snapping as the blade quickly retracts to its housing, the first three inches are coated with BladeArmor.

£17 at Amazon

Our top picks

Matching the right tape measure to a particular job will help you ace projects efficiently and effectively. Always remember to check the tape length, calibration, and general construction to avoid unnecessary disappointments. The outer case ought to protect the inner functions of this tool and be comfortable in your hand.

Our all-time favourite is the Stanley 33-425 Measuring Tape. The tape's blade is coated with a mylar film so it can withstand abrasions. Also, is has a patented Tru-zero end hook that moves for accurate outside and inside measurements. We all love durable products, and that is what you get with the Milwaukee 48227225 Premium Magnetic Tape. It has a sturdy and ergonomic exterior with a robust grip, perfect for heavy-duty construction.

The icing on the cake is the eTape16 ET16.75-db-RP Digital Tape Measure, which gives you the accuracy you need even for small measurements. And the three memory function is such a saviour, especially when doing multiple measurements at ago.

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