Best Table Lamps TechnoBuffalo 2022

When it comes to designing the interior of your home, no two places or rooms are exactly alike. It's easy to overlook picking out table lamps for the bedroom or living room, but they can create great pieces that have your signature style written all over them. Whether you want a simple option for your bedside table, or you want a lamp that makes a statement in the living room, there are thousands of options out there. We narrowed them down to show you our picks for the best table lamps available!

Stone & Beam Ceramic Table Lamp

Classic style: Stone & Beam Round Ceramic Table Lamp

Staff Pick

It's easy to find lamps that make a huge statement, but sometimes you want one with some classic style. If that's the case for you, then the Stone & Beam Round Ceramic Table Lamp might be just what you've been searching for. This ceramic lamp blends classic style with modern design. It's also a great size measuring out at 54 cm H x 23 cm W so it will fit on just about any table in your home!

£119 at Amazon
AUKEY Table Lamp

Color changing: AUKEY Table Lamp

Nobody wants to be ready for bed and then have to grope at their bedside table to find the cord or switch to turn off the lamp. Aukey's Table Lamp is touch activated and offers up options for dimmable light, and different color options. All you need to do is tap the base, and you'll be able to cycle through different colors and brightness settings. Best of all, there is no specific spot to touch other than the base of the lamp, making it great for a bedside table.

£34 at Amazon
Seealle Table Lamp

Power options: Seealle Table Lamp

If you live with your partner, the chances are that you'll want matching lamps for your bedroom. Rather than spending twice as much money on two lamps, Seealle Table Lamps come in a two-pack. These lamps are simple and understated, which makes them great for the bedroom, but they also come with outlets on the lamps. Each one includes two USB outlets.

£49 at Amazon
Premier Housewares Table Lamp

Affordable on a budget: Premier Housewares Table Lamp

Home decor can get expensive fast, but picking out great pieces doesn't have to mean blowing your budget to smithereens. Premier Housewares Table Lamp is affordable enough that it can be squeezed into even a super tight budget, and it comes in a few different colors. That means that you can find the perfect color to blend with your home, and find a lamp that looks amazing without a price tag that kills you!

£12 at Amazon

Light up your room

Lamps provide more than a source of light in a dark room. They're also a great way to show off your style and design and can become fun conversation pieces when you have company over. Every lamp we've suggested here is excellent, but our absolute favorite it the Stone & Beam Round Ceramic Table Lamp. It has a classic design that can fit into any room. It comes in three different colors, which means you can find the perfect one for your home!

If you're looking for an option better suited to bedside tables than the living room, then the Seealle Table Lamps are a great option. You get two great lamps for one excellent price, and they have outlets right on the base to make it easy to keep your phone charged!

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