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A decent cast iron skillet is a kitchen essential. This type of pan is safe to use on any kind of hob or stove, can go in the oven, can be used on a BBQ, and can be taken from the kitchen to table. You can use a skillet to sear, saute, cook, bake and braise any food type, making it a truly versatile kitchen tool. We're taking a look at the best skillets available today so you can make an informed buying decision to find your perfect skillet.

Utopia Kitchen Skillet

Pantastic: Utopia Kitchen pre-seasoned cast iron skillet

Staff Pick

Measuring in at 12.5 inches, or 32cm, this pan is a decent size for most everyday meals. It comes pre-seasoned with a soy-based oil so it ready to use out of the box, but you will need to re-oil it as you use it. It has a lightly textured surface and offers excellent heat retention for slow cooking success.

£18 at Amazon
Le Crueset Skillet

Sign up: Le Creuset Signature cast iron skillet

Our luxury choice comes from greatly respected French cookware brand Le Creuset. About as designer as you can get for a skillet, this 23cm cast iron pan is available in a range of lovely colours — cerise, satin black, almond, flint, teal, Marseille blue and Le Crueset's classic shade of volcanic orange.

£80 at Amazon
Euphoric Cookware Skillet

Heavy metal: Euphoric Cookware Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Round Skillet

This 12-incher is a heavy-duty option weighing in at a considerable 3.7 kilograms. Durable and warp-resistant, this pan has deeper sides than others to help contain spits and splashes. Because of the weight, it has a pronounced assist handle to help with balanced lifting.

£28 at Amazon
Lodge Skillet

Iron awe: Lodge cast iron round skillet

This 10.25 inch or 26.4cm skillet is made by Lodge, a Tennessee-based family firm that has specialised in cast iron cookware for over 100 years. Pre-seasoned at the Lodge foundry, it has an assist handle, two subtle side lips for pouring and a distinctive hole in the handle so it can be wall hung.

£25 at Amazon
VonShef Skillet

Three piece sweet: VonShef Cast Iron 3-Piece Skillet Set

This set from VonShef offers amazing value as you get not one but three cast iron skillets. Measuring in at six, eight, and ten-inches, the pans don't offer an assist handle but do boast useful pouring lips and can obviously be stacked for tidy storage. Oven safe to 250 degrees celsius, this set comes pre-seasoned.

£22 at Amazon
Nautal Cookware Skillet

Handle it: Natural Cookware pre-seasoned cast iron round kkillet

You can buy them separately, but this skillet frying pan comes complete with a silicone handle in jaunty red to protect your hands from the heat of the pan. It measures 30cm, so is a good size for a family or larger household. It's another heavyweight option, weighing in at over 3.5 kilograms.

£30 at Amazon

Class iron

We recommend investing in a good quality skillet. This type of versatile cast iron cookware will last you for years and years if you treat them correctly and oil them regularly. If you can afford to splash out consider the gorgeous Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron Skillet. Available in a range of colours it could become a family heirloom.

Our overall best choice, the capable Utopia Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet is the largest option we're featuring measuring in at a very family-friendly 12 inches. With a skillet's great even heating and heat retention you don't need to use the whole cooking surface every time you use it, but it's handy to have the space there if you do.

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