Best Silicone Rings for Men and Women TechnoBuffalo 2020

Silicone rings have become a common sight in public over the last few years, and I have been using them for nearly a decade. Whether you like them for their comfort, style, or need a silicone ring out of necessity, there is bound to be something for you. When it comes to silicone rings, there are a lot of choices, and here are some of the best out there right now.

Built for life: QALO

Staff Favorite

I have been using rings by QALO for over a decade, and the rings have never let me down — QALO stands for quality, athletics, love, and outdoors. With dozens of colours, patterns, styles, and finishes, QALO has one of the most extensive offerings for silicone rings for both people. From classic solids, textures, stackable rings, and more QALO is the ring trusted by first responders, professional athletes, musicians, and more.

From £12 at Amazon

Stay in the groove: Groove Life

Groove Life rings have a very expansive collection of ring styles and patterns, but they all have one unique quality in common — the grooves. All of its rings have breathable grooves that allow air and moisture to get out, keeping your ring comfortably on your hand. Groove Life uses high-quality materials, so the ring lasts through all of your life's adventures.

From £28 at Amazon

Make it personal: Enso

Enso prides itself on high-quality rings that feel as personal as you want them to be. With a wide array of colours, patterns, and finishes, you can find a ring the best represents you. It is offering everything from basic solid rings, stackables, even an Inked collection that has images or patterns on the ring that help it fit your style.

From £19 Amazon

Bring the thunder: ThunderFit

ThunderFit strives to give you a ring that can handle everything your life throws at it while looking great. Their rings are designed to stay out of your way and let you live the adventures you want. This means you never need to worry about damaging your ring or it making your finger uncomfortable. ThunderFit offers grooved rings, stackable rings, and simple bands with colours ranging from bright neon to subtle natural colours all to fit your style.

From £9 at Amazon

Ready for life: ROQ

ROQ makes silicone rings that adhere to a high standard in terms of physical quality to ensure you have a reliable ring for life. ROQ has rings that follow a more traditional style with a broad range of colours from natural tones to pearlescent, to bold and bright. ROQ also has its dual-tone rings that combine an inner shade with a top contrasting colour for a unique look. It also offers this look with a choice to have a line(s) cut in the top layer to see the secondary colour better.

From £15 at Amazon

Take it to the mat: Swagmat

Swagmat prides itself on making high-quality rings at a low price. It may not have the broadest range of ring styles, but what it does offer is the best of quality. With simple, elegant designs in a variety of colours, the standout is in the price. Offering its rings in multi-packs at low cost, it gives its customers the chance to have a ring for each day or occasion at a budget-price.

From £5 at Amazon

Rounding it out

Folks wear rings for many reasons. It could be a form of personal expression, maybe to represent a marriage, perhaps the ring is a memento for a person special to your life. Regardless of why you may wear a ring, there are a seemingly endless number of materials that rings are made of these days.

Silicone has become one of the most popular in recent years due to its low-cost cost, flexibility both literally and in the personalisation of look for the ring, and its safety aspects. Since silicone is non-conductive, skin safe, and won't injure your finger should it get caught on something, it is an excellent choice for a large number of people. QALO has been making some of the best rings around from quality, selection, and personalisation.

If a ring that offers truly individual sense in its styles out there is what you are looking for, then Enso should be on the shortlist to look at. Their colours and pattern options stand out amongst may other options.

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