Best Salad Spinner TechnoBuffalo 2020

A good quality salad spinner will undoubtedly save you time when you're doing your kitchen prep, but just consider it could also save you money too. If you're more likely to buy individual salad ingredients and make up your own salad creations, just imagine how much less you'll spend than by buying pre-prepared options. We've hand-picked six of the best available today for your consideration.

Super spinner: Taylors Eye Witness Salad Spinner

Staff Pick

This spinner is available in two sizes. There's a compact version that measures just six inches in diameter, which is perfect for kitchens where space is an issue, and a bigger four-liter version for larger households. It has a locking lid, a high speed geared mechanism for right- and left-handed use, and a non-slip base. The built-in pouring spout is perfect for evenly distributing dressing on your salad.

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Get pumped: OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner

Also available in small — perfect for herbs and individual portions — and large, for full-on salad sessions, this offers smooth, one-handed operation with a pump mechanism and a brake button. The transparent bowl can be used to serve salad, while the basket doubles as a colander. When you're done spinning, the non-slip knob pushes down and locks for smarter storage.

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Lovely juggly: Neat Ideas Spin'n'Store Salad Spinner

A compact option, this affordable small spinner, is perfect for two portions of salad and measures in at a fridge-friendly 19.8 x 19.2 x 19cm. If you're really trying to save space, it's worth noting this also doubles as a measuring jug which is microwave-proof. You simply put your washed salad into the green basket and use the handle to spin before pouring the excess liquid out of the jug spout.

£7 at Amazon

Best dressed: Kitchen Craft Healthy Eating Large Salad Spinner and Dresser

Kitchen Craft's salad spinner measures a family-friendly 10-inches in diameter. It has a locking lid and a pouring hole to add dressings and oil to salad and vegetables. As with other options, the basket can be used as a colander, and the bowl is good-looking enough for the dinner table. Made of food-safe BPA-free plastics, the bowl and basket are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

£13 at Amazon

Spinner spinner salad dinner

A decent salad spinner will save you time, and if it means you're more likely to buy fresh ingredients, money too. If you're looking for a salad spinner that will earn its keep as a multi-tasking kitchen gadget, then consider the options that double as measuring jugs — like the Neat Ideas spinner.

Our overall pick comes highly recommended. The Taylors Eye Witness Salad Spinner is available in two handy capacities and is perfect for anyone who likes to add oil or dressing to their salad as it has a neat pouring hole to allow for an even coating.

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