Best Printer Paper for Laser and Inkjet Printers TechnoBuffalo 2020

Today, the market is awash with printing papers engineered for various uses. Picking the right printing paper, even for seasoned printers, can be a daunting task. There are papers purely optimised for inkjet or laser printers, and papers that work with both. To help you settle for the right paper, we have reviewed the best printing papers available today.

Bold and beautiful: HP Printer Paper, Office20 Paper, 8.5x14

Staff Pick

If you are looking to make a statement, go for the HP Office 20 printer paper. It weighs 20 pounds, has 92 brightness, 155 whiteness, and built with ColorLok technology to give you brilliant colours and bolder blacks. It works exceptionally well with HP inkjet printers and copiers.

£14 at Amazon

Black and white magic: Xerox Performer Paper A4 80gsm White

Take your black and white printing to new heights with the Xerox Performer paper, which is ideal for copying and printing. Besides being perfect for double-sided printing, the paper runs smoothly in both inkjet and laser printer. You get consistently good results with every task.

£20 at Amazon

Grab attention: Wausau Astrobrights Colour Paper

Let your ingenuity glow with the Wausau brightly coloured paper. Colour not only increases readership but elevates retention and response rates, and the bright colour is suitable for flyers or promotional materials. This paper works with most printers and withstands the austerities of printing.

£20 at Amazon

Archival quality: AmazonBasics Multipurpose Copy Paper

The AmazonBasics copy paper is ideal for high-volume printing, a solid choice for home or professional office printing tasks. Conservation enthusiasts will be comfortable using this FSC certified and chlorine-free premium paper. Also, it works well in all machines.

£21 at Amazon

Colour-rich: HP Premium 24

The HP Premium 24 is a top choice for printing coloured documents. The paper is ultra white and bright, which creates a perfect contrast for popping prints while giving your documents a colourful premium look and feel. It works great with both laser and inkjet printers.

£9 at Amazon

Office mainstay: 5 Star 397921 Office Value Copier Paper

If you are looking to copy or print in bulk and on a tight budget, your best bet is the 5 Star copier paper. This is a multifunctional A4 universal white paper. It is compatible with copiers, everyday paper fax machines, laser and inkjet printers.

£20 at Amazon

Business-class: HP Office A4 210x297mm 80gsm Single Ream

Keep your printing options open with the versatile HP Office A4 paper. This paper is specially designed for office printing tasks like datasheets, handouts, email attachments, and memos. It runs jam-free in both inkjets and lasers.

£4 at Amazon

Jam-free: Hammermill Paper, Premium Multi-Purpose Paper

Hammermill paper is designed to run smoothly in all office machines, making it ideal for multipurpose printing. With 97 brightness and a blue-white shade, you get rich text and image prints. The paper is FSC certified and flaunts a 99.99% jam-free guarantee.

£13 at Amazon

Ace your photo game: EPSON Premium glossy photo paper

Photos capture a fleeting moment that you want to cherish for as long as possible. A superior, durable and premium photo paper is all you need to freeze the moment. The EPSON glossy photo paper effortlessly produces incredibly detailed and colour-rich images.

£16 at Amazon

The magic is in the paper

The printing paper quality you settle for will determine the printing results you get. Check your printer settings to ensure that it is compatible with the ink and paper you want to use. Also, ensure that the paper is within the size range that your printer can accommodate.

You want your work to speak boldly? The HP Printer Paper, Office20 Paper, 8.5x14 is your best bet. Its ultra-white shade creates a superb contrast for sharper and brighter texts. Get the best of black and white printing with the Xerox Performer Paper A4 80gsm White. It's reliable, consistent and high-quality to run smoothly in every machine.

The Wausau Papers Astrobrights Colour Paper enhances your creativity. It ensures your message is embedded in an incredibly bright colour, and no one can miss your statement or project.

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