Best Popup Canopy Tents TechnoBuffalo 2022

Outdoor activities are fun until it becomes too hot, rainy, or snowy to keep enjoying them. In any of these situations, a canopy tent has you covered, literally. They're portable and easy to assemble, which means they can be set up in a matter of minutes to block out the elements. We've gathered a collection of the best popup canopy tents so you can enjoy your time outdoors, no matter the weather.

Airwave canopy with windows

Best for rainy days: Airwave 3x3mtr Pop Up Waterproof Gazebo

Staff Pick

Want a more enclosed space that is quick to set up? This 3'x3' canopy tent has zippered walls, making sure you can avoid as much rain as possible, and even includes a small window and doorway. Pick this tent if you're eating outside, or selling items you need to keep out of the rain. It comes with two wind bars to ensure the walls don't flap inwards during a storm, four weight bags for the legs and a windowed wall and zip-up doors.

£99 at Amazon
ABCCanopy 10x10

Most colors: ABCCANOPY Popup Canopy Tent

With 13 vibrant colours to choose from, this canopy is easy to spot in crowded spaces. It's perfect for vendor areas or letting friends and family know your location when tailgating. It also has the classic pyramid design for maximum headroom, which is great for barbecues because there's room for smoke to disperse.

£199 at Amazon
A half popup made for the beach by TAGVO

Best for the beach: TAGVO Pop Up Beach Tent

While at the beach the most important thing you need is shelter from the sun. This popup shelter is built not to protect you from rain, sand, or wind, but to deliver some protection from the sun's rays. It includes a floor so that it's easy to set out food without it getting covered in sand, and has a front door that can be opened or closed for privacy. It features three large windows that make sure you always have airflow and breaks down into a small, easy to carry bag.

£39 at Amazon
A white mesh walled pop up

Escape mosquitoes: Goutime 10 x 10 Ft Pop Up Canopy Tent

Need to escape the mosquitos, or protect your lunch from flies? This popup has screened windows to keep pests out of your space. It's made for mild weather and sets up quickly in under two minutes, with space enough for several people to hang out. All of the walls are mesh. This makes it easy to see what's going on around you and keep from being stifling hot. It also comes with stakes and tie-downs to ensure your canopy doesn't fly away in windy weather.

£2oo at Amazon
A red All Seasons Gazebo

Extra shade: All Seasons Gazebos

When you don't need something super fancy, but there isn't any shade in the area, a pop-up canopy can make all the difference. The All Seasons Gazebo is the perfect option in those cases. This option gives you plenty of shade, although because it lacks walls isn't going to save you from a sudden downpour. It comes with four leg weight bags, guide ropes, tent pegs, and packs into a wheeled carrying bag. You can pick it up in one of eight colours.

£135 at Amazon
Airwave four season essential popup

Small Space: AIRWAVE Gazebo Four Seasons Essential Pop Up

You don't always need a giant pop-up, especially if you're just looking for shelter for 1-2 people at a time. The Airwave Gazebo Four Seasons Essential Pop Up delivers a small but stable space for those occasions. It measures out 2mx2m, has fully enclosed walls, two windows and a roll-up door. It will also stay where you put it since it comes with leg bags, guide ropes, and anchor pegs.

£80 at Amazon

Portable shelter

As you can see, there are popup canopy tents for all outdoor occasions. However, we think that the Airwave 3x3mtr Pop Up Waterproof Gazebo is the best option for most people. It has a tall canopy with lots of headspace and is excellent no matter what the weather is like. The window is also a nice touch, letting you keep on eye on things outside your little sanctuary.

If you want maximum airflow without pests, then we recommend the Goutime 10 x 10 Ft Pop Up Canopy Tent. It's very roomy and has screens on all sides making it an excellent option for hanging out outside during warmer months.

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