Best PopSockets and Phone Grips TechnoBuffalo 2022

Smartphones are bigger, and selfies are still a thing, which means it's as challenging as ever to keep a good grip on investment. Stabilise your phone and hold it in a more comfortable position with one of our favourite PopSockets or phone grips.


The original: PopSockets Grip

Staff Favorite

The original PopSockets Grip was a first of its kind, and it's still the reigning champion of phone grips. Slap this on the back of your case or right on your phone, grip the top with two fingers and pull, and you have an instant tight grasp on your device. PopSockets Grips can also prop your phone up on any surface so you can focus on cooking a new recipe in the kitchen or watching YouTube in bed.

£8 at Amazon

Most durable: Lamicall Finger Stand Ring RS

Lamicall's phone holder is tough enough to stand up to daily use without chipping or cracking, and could even outlast your device. Requiring just one finger for use, this ring-style phone holder is made from zinc alloy and stainless and backed with powerful 3M adhesive. The ring rotates 360 degrees and adjusts 180 degrees, so it works as a standalone phone stand or phone holder in landscape or portrait mode.

£7 at Amazon

Most comfortable: Ciscle Elastic Finger Strap

Tether yourself securely to your phone without hard plastic or metal. This super comfortable phone grip from Ciscle is made from elastic and works with most phones, tablets, and cases. Slip your finger through the single elastic loop to hold your device upright during use or swing it around to the back of your hand to take a drink, type, or do other activities. It's the ultimate multitasking phone grip!

£4 at Amazon

Make a statement: PZOZ Phone Ring Holder

PZOZ phone grips add a bit of elegance and functionality to any phone or tablet. Made of metal and sporting strong adhesive, these cute holders stick to devices or cases well. This is a ring style holder. Slide your finger through the ring to keep your phone propped up in hand or place it on the counter and use it as a kickstand. The PZOZ rotates 360 degrees, always giving you a perfect viewing angle.

£6 at Amazon

Bottom line

The first innovative phone grips came from PopSockets. The original design, the PopSockets Grip, is still my preferred way to make sure my device stays in my hand and off the floor. PopSockets Grip sticks firmly to most phone cases, including leather styles, holds strong, and come in a wide variety of colours and designs.

When you need a robust phone stand that may outlive your device, reach for the Lamicall Finger Ring Stand RS. The indestructible zinc alloy and stainless design resists chipping, tarnishing, and discolouring while the polished edges are impossible to scratch. The Lamicall is relaxing to hold, and it also works as a phone stand.

The phone holder that works best for me everywhere is the Ghostek Loop. This affordable finger strap lets me keep my phone upright during use, plus it comes with a kickstand for reading recipes in the kitchen or watching videos at my desk. Best of all, the Ghostek comes with a magnetic car mount, so you can keep your phone attached to your dash while you're driving and grab it and go when you leave the car.

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