Best Paw Patrol Toys TechnoBuffalo 2022

If you're looking for the perfect gift for a special Paw Patrol fan in your life, then we're there on the double with our superb selection. We have hand-picked 12 ideal presents for devotees of the popular pups that will encourage their creative side, get them playing actively and challenge their minds.

Paw Patrol Mighty Pups

Meteoric: Paw Patrol Mighty Pups Gift Set

Staff Pick

What could be better than a set of Paw Patrol pups? Why, a set of superhero Paw Patrol pups of course! From the film of the same name, this Mighty Pups set is sure to win a smile.

£29 at Amazon
Paw Patrol Art Set

Inked up: Paw Patrol Art Set

Encourage your child's creative side with this art set containing five rubber stamps, an ink pad, some colouring pencils, a book and Paw Patrol stickers.

£12 at Amazon
Paw Patrol Tower

To the lookout!: Paw Patrol Mighty Pups Super PAWs Lookout Tower Playset

You'll make someone's day with this tower playset. It measures over 80cm tall, has a working telescope, lights and sounds, a moving lift and a vehicle launcher.

£87 at Amazon
Paw Patrol Bowling Set

Get a strike: Paw Patrol Bowling Set

This bowling set can help develop hand coordination and encourage physical movement. Your child will love the Paw Patrol decorations on the pins.

£8 at Amazon
Paw Patrol Vtech

Ready for a rescue: Vtech Paw Patrol Pups to the Rescue Driver

Perfect for road trips, your child can play the role of Ryder with this driver toy that has an ATV, snowmobile and hovercraft mode. There are over 200 sounds for your child to enjoy.

£20 at Amazon
Paw Patrol Patroller

Big wheels: Paw Patrol Patroller

As the Paw Patrol's ultimate rescue vehicle, this Patroller can hold three Paw Patrol vehicles and is the perfect gift for anyone ready to go on a rescue mission.

£36 at Amazon
Paw Patrol Top Trumps

Trump card: Paw Patrol Top Trumps

Ideal for older Paw Patrol fans, these classic Top Trumps cards give the pups ratings for all their special qualities that make them the amazing characters they are.

£5 at Amazon


If you're looking to encourage your child's imagination and creativity, then consider the Paw Patrol Art Set This item offers pup-themed fun whilst keeping them away from a screen.

We're keen on our overall pick though, the Mighty Pups Gift Set has a real superhero wow factor and makes an fantastic Paw Patrol-themed pressie for children that already own the standard pup figures.

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