Best Outdoor Solar Lights TechnoBuffalo 2022

If you've considered investing in solar, now is the time do it. Today's solar lights add warmth, colour, and needed brightness to any part of your property. Don't know where to start? These are our favourites.

Ground lights: Geediar Solar Ground Lights

Staff Favorite

Geediar's solar lights are less intrusive than typical staked solar varieties. With spikes at the underside, you push these into the ground until the lamps are flush with their surroundings. Great for walkways, gardens, and anywhere you can imagine. The included battery takes six hours to recharge in the sun.

£17 at Amazon

Secure your place: HETP Solar Motion Sensor Security Lights

There are 78 super-bright LEDs packed inside this solar motion sensor from HETP. After charging, you'll get 10 hours of illumination. Three intelligent motion sensor modes detect movement and flip the lights on automatically. This pair is waterproof and can withstand whatever Mother Nature throws their way.

£19 at Amazon

Go victorian: Outsunny Solar Post Lamp

The posh Victorian-style solar post lamp from Outsunny has removable and dimmable LED bulbs that stay charged for up to 10 hours. Three lamps give excellent light over garden tables, drives, patios, and paths. Lights turn on at dusk automatically and off at sunrise, plus they can be dimmed as needed.

£65 at Amazon

String them up: Bolweo Solar Powered String Lights

Hang string lights wherever you like with Bolweo's solar-powered fairy lights. This twin set gives you 20 meters of copper wire lighting that blends into the environment. Eight brightness levels last a full 14 hours. These wired lights are bendable and can be shaped around plants, signs, outdoor furniture, and doorways.

£13 at Amazon

A smart light sensor: Litom Solar Fence and Garden Lights

Litom's intelligent light sensor wireless outdoor lights automatically turn on at night and off when the sun rises. Made to withstand rain splash, wind and dust, these small units are perfect for entryways, over the front door, gardens, fences, and anywhere else you may need a bit of extra light.

£20 at Amazon

Tasteful globes: FLOWood Path Light

The stylish globes from FLOWood give off 360 degrees of white light that is intense enough to highlight walkways and garden paths. This eye-catching eight pack of solar lights have an on/off switch outside the sphere. The lamps shine for up to eight hours after a full daytime charge in the sun.

£25 at Amazon

Play with fire: GOGOMY Solar Flame Lights

Flames set the mood in your surroundings, adding cosines and colour. GOGOMY Solar Flame Lights give you all the ambient lighting of a real fire without any of the danger. Both of these lights push into the ground and produce dancing flames for up to 12 hours.

£30 at Amazon

Colour your world: Goodia Multicolour Lights

Fueled by the sun, Goodia's multicolour raindrop lights add vivid colour to patios, gardens, indoor and outdoor Christmas displays and trees, and even parties. Choose from steady or flash modes to spice your space with 20 lights that stretch over 4.8 meters. Brilliant!

£7 at Amazon

Light for the front door: Mpow Motion Sensor Lights

There are 140 powerful LED beads inside this Mpow solar outdoor light. The easily installable light has 270 degrees of coverage, making them ideal for porches, pools, over doorways, and outside carports. Unique to this model, lights turn on gradually so as not to scare pets or people.

£22 at Amazon

If you want our recommendation

We love our solar lights! We recommend the Solar Garden Lights from Geediar. This set of four lamps push into the earth until they're flush with the surface. They're safer than more traditional lights that stick up above the ground, and they give off a soothing warm white light.

If you need a security light, reach for the HETP Solar Motion Sensor. With 78 LEDs and three intelligent modes, this model will switch on when it senses people or animals up to eight meters away.

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